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TEACH Colorado’s mission is to inspire people to become teachers by providing them with support during their journey to the classroom.

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Make an impact with TEACH Colorado

TEACH Colorado is committed to helping individuals who are considering a career in education to navigate the path to licensure. 

Becoming a teacher can seem daunting without an experienced guide, but the rewards and the impact is incomparable. Teaching is the profession upon which all other professions are built, and teachers are necessary for a positive future.

TEACH Colorado is here to help you start making a difference in the classroom.

Here’s what you can get for FREE at TEACH

When it comes to teacher certification and prep programs, our job is to streamline everything you need to know and make it easy to understand. That’s why we’re proud to offer many free products and services to help future teachers like you get started on your careers.

When you sign up at TEACH, you’ll get access to the following products and tools for FREE:

  • Up-to-date teacher certification guides
  • Teacher prep program database
  • 1-on-1 coaching with expert teachers who can answer your questions
  • Real teacher stories
  • Financial aid, salary and benefits information
  • Personalized application checklists (for when you’re ready to apply)
  • Scholarships and fee reimbursement information

Check out the video below for a quick tour of our website and highlights of the free products and services you’ll get when you sign up.

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Lead Partners

TEACH Colorado is a statewide partnership among school districts, universities, and other educator preparation programs with the following state agencies and nonprofits.
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  • Public Education & Business Coalition logo
  • Colorado Education Initiative logo
  • TEACH.org logo


We are grateful to the following additional sponsors for pledging their financial support.
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  • Colorado Education Association logo
  • Boettcher Foundation Logo
  • Colorado Department of Labor and Employment logo
  • Colorado Workforce Development Council logo