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“With an increasing number of dedicated men and women transitioning from military service into civilian careers, we should remove any barriers to enlist their talents in the effort to teach our children.” 

– Senator Michael Bennet, Colorado

Why Do Colorado’s Students Need Veterans as Teachers?

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In Colorado, we need great teachers who represent the breadth of backgrounds, experiences and cultures of our students, and who prepare students to compete and thrive in a changing global society through science, math, technology and world languages.

Veterans increase diversity among teaching staff, which can help reduce the troubling diversity gap between teachers and students. Nationally, veterans who become teachers are 82 percent male and 43 percent from minority backgrounds.

Additionally, school administrators overwhelmingly report that veterans have a positive impact on student achievement and are effective in instruction and classroom management.


Collage of photos of Jack Van Natta

I love the students. I love that I'm one of the last teachers they'll have before heading out into the "real world." I try to spend class time discussing real world challenges that exist in an effort to prepare them to make difficult but intelligent choices.

          Jack Van Natta, Secondary Physics, Douglas County School District

A selfie of Wendy Gutierrez. She is smiling in her classroom, wearing an ID lanyard and a green T-shirt in front of a purple bulletin board

My family always taught me that I must stand up for myself and for the well-being of others. In 2012, I joined the Air Force to help pay for my undergraduate degree. While I served as an enlisted active duty member, I discovered the Colorado Department of Education’s Educator Recruitment and Retention Program. They helped me with all of my questions! No matter your background, there is a pathway to teaching for you.

          Wendy Gutierrez

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