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Douglas County School District

Douglas County School District

Douglas County School District is made up of a vibrant community of passionate educators providing a quality education to over 63,000 students. DCSD is the third largest school district in Colorado and has the highest graduation rate in the state.

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Meet Jenna Butler

Teacher Ambassador

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Legend High School is a great school to work at. I selected this school because I felt that they wanted to support and coach new teachers to get better. They encourage teachers to collaborate, try new things, and to take risks.

Teachers and students are very involved in extra curricular activities which creates a very connected community. Over 95% of students in the most recent graduating class were involved in at least one thing outside of the classroom. Those clubs, activities, and sports are sponsored by teachers who are involved and dedicated.

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  • AP Chemistry


  • Colorado State University-System Office


  • Instructional Leadership Team Member
  • AVID Tutor
  • Assistant Softball Coach (2 Championships)

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    The students are the biggest reason I teach. When a student works hard and learns how to persevere through a challenge, it is very rewarding for them. I love walking along side students as they navigate new challenges, new passions, and life. I try to push students to think critically and challenge themselves. It is very rewarding when a student realizes their potential.

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    Douglas County School District by the numbers

    • 4,300

      Dedicated Teachers

    • 63,000

      Engaged Learners

    • $43,680

      New Teachers Starting Salary

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