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Montrose County School District

Montrose County School District

MCSD is the largest rural district in the state, as well as Colorado’s first STEM District.

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Meet Dinah Irwin

Teacher Ambassador

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I enjoy teaching for the Montrose County School District because I am constantly reminded that in the 21st century, there is no such thing as isolation. Although Montrose is rural, we do not limit ourselves. We can’t literally take students to see where the American Revolution took place but we have become a STEM district provided with technology capable of virtual tours. Above all, after living here I have learned just how desirable our community is. We have the warmth of a small town, but the capability and grit of a large city.

Dinah Irwin


  • 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher


  • Colorado State University-Global Campus


  • 2020 Teacher of the Year Nominee
  • 2019 Apple Teacher of the Month
  • Columbine Middle School Leadership Team Member
  • Columbine Middle School Technology Committee
  • 7th and 8th Grade Girls Basketball Coach
  • Founder of the Columbine History Fact of the Day and Pledge Club Committee
  • Columbine Middle School Climbing Club Co-Founder
  • First grade level to complete Problem Based Learning "Voter Apathy" for the district

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

I teach because it is my purpose. Every day I feel fortunate to know that what I do is what I was meant to do. Being a teacher means I am a learner forever, and the possibility of gaining new perspectives and understanding is what growth is all about. Every day I look forward to finding ways to teach students how to love themselves, how to love education, and how to persevere through challenge. I strive to close the gap between the classroom and our community which, I believe, helps students develop patience, kindness, determination, and accountability. Not once have I ever dreaded the idea of going to work or bringing my work home with me. My life revolves around uncovering each of my students’ potential. I could not imagine doing anything else in my life that would bring me more joy than teaching.

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  • 6,222

    Engaged Learners

  • $40,131

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