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Ready to apply to an educator preparation program? See all of your steps in one place.

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Application Checklist

Stay on top of your applications.

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With interactive checklists, you get a step-by-step plan for applying to your top-choice undergraduate, graduate or licensure-only educator preparation programs.

  1. Select the programs you’re interested in applying to. 
  2. Create a checklist to get application instructions, deadline reminders and how-to guides with tips on testing, personal statements and financial aid.

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Start a Checklist
  • Stay on Track

    Check off steps as you move through the application process.

  • Meet Deadlines

    Opt in for notifications of approaching deadlines via email or text.

  • Apply

    Complete your applications and submit them before the deadline.

All your checklists in one place.

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When you're applying to different programs, eligibility and other application requirements can get muddled. That's why we keep all your application checklists in one spot, so you can take a break when you need to and come back to them later. Here's to staying organized!

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