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Inspire Natural Wonder

From the mountains to the canyons and every classroom in between, Colorado teachers join an innovative, culturally and geographically diverse community of students and educators.

Why Colorado?

You’ve heard of the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado River, but what do you know about the educational landscape in Colorado?

Here’s a hint: Changemakers, community-builders and explorers like it here.

Changemakers Wanted

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If you’re in this to make sure every student has the opportunity to succeed, then there’s an opening for you in a Colorado classroom.

Colorado students need great teachers who:

  • Represent their backgrounds, experiences and cultures.
  • Prepare them to thrive, today and tomorrow.

The Ed Community By the Numbers

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Colorado has:

  • 900,000+ students
  • 59,000+ teachers
  • 178 school districts
  • 107 small, rural districts

Explore Every Day

From cultural riches to natural wonders, there’s a reason U.S. News and World Report named Colorado one of the healthiest states in America.

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