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Great news!

Complete this form to get up to $100 back — it only takes a few minutes!
  • TEACH Colorado offers you a $100 fee reimbursement if you are becoming early childhood teacher qualified through the Colorado Department of Early Childhood. We'll reimburse you for background checks, fingerprints, or any other fees that pop up during your program.

The Fine Print

  • Only individuals who subscribe with TEACH Colorado before applying or getting started on an early childhood teacher qualification pathway for the first time are eligible. (For example: sign up with us, THEN apply to a community college for an Associate's degree).
  • Due to overwhelming demand, only eligible individuals will be contacted within 15 business days of requesting a career stipend.
  • To be eligible, supporting documentation should include proof of application/enrollment in your pathway: enrollment in a course, an application for a training program, a PDIS transcript for your first course, or other official documentation, and include a date stamp. 
  • You'll also need proof of the fees for which you're requesting reimbursement.
  • You can be selected either for this reimbursement if you are becoming early childhood teacher qualified OR our reimbursement for licensure, but not both.