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Ready to apply to a program? Wondering where to start? Learn how to make the most of TEACH Colorado's free application tools.

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Apply to a Program

Take the stress out of program applications. Learn how TEACH Colorado can help, every step of the way.

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    1. Get expert advice

    Before you begin, it helps to have a plan. A TEACH career coach can help you understand the certification process and learn how to choose the right program for you. 

    Sign up for a group info session or 1-on-1 career advising to get started. It’s all free!

    Sign Up
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    2. Explore programs

    Next stop: the Program Explorer! 

    Visit the TEACH Program Explorer to find teaching program options, and filter by subject area, tuition costs, online options and more. You can even favorite programs to check out later.

    Find Programs
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    3. Start an application checklist

    Application checklists can help you see program requirements, keep track of your progress and access support and best practices along the way.

    Start a Checklist
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    4. Visit the Application Guide

    How do I order official transcripts? What should I expect in an admissions interview? What test scores do I need? 

    We’ve got you covered. Visit our Application Guide for answers to all your application questions. 

    Understand Application Requirements
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    5. Get sample resumes, essays and letters of rec

    Most applications will ask you for a personal statement or essay, a resume and at least one recommendation. We’ve got step-by-step advice for each—and templates to help you get started.

    Get Free Templates
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    6. Prepare for tests

    Depending on your program, you may need to take a test or two before you apply. We’ve got help for that too! 

    Our testing guide has all the info on what to expect, how to prepare and where to find study tools and tricks. 

    Get Test Prep Support
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    7. Get $100 back

    Program applications can require some investment. 

    When you apply to one of our partner teaching programs, we’ll reimburse up to $100 for any costs required for you to complete your applications. That includes application fees, testing fees, transcript fees and more! 

    Get Reimbursed
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    8. Apply for a scholarship

    After you’ve submitted your applications, don’t forget about financial aid! TEACH offers multiple scholarships each year to help future teachers like you pay for your teaching program.

    Apply for a TEACH Scholarship

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