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Let’s make you a licensed teacher.

Teacher Licensure, Simplified

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Getting licensed to become a teacher might seem daunting, but we’ve got you covered. Let's start with the basics.

Do I have to get licensed to teach?

Short answer: Yes, for most subjects. Long answer: There are many different endorsements, depending on where and what you want to teach. When you get licensed, you become eligible to teach certain subjects and grades in Colorado. You may be eligible for a special license if you have career experience or if you've been licensed to teach in another state. Check out the About Licensure page for more information on various pathways to the profession..

How do I get licensed?

There are several paths to licensure. Step one is finding the right one for you, whether it’s entering a teaching program as an undergrad or a master’s degree program, an alternative preparation program, or anywhere in between.

Want to discuss your options? Talk to a coach.

What should I know before getting started?

Since requirements differ by subject and grade level, deciding who and what you want to teach can go a long way. 

If this is starting to feel a bit overwhelming, check out About Licensure for four steps to get licensed to teach in Colorado. 

All Your Options in One Place

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Are you ready to find your licensure endorsement area (the subjects you want to teach) in Colorado? Check out our program explorer to compare educator prep programs and see what endorsements they offer.


Expert Advice for an Expert Applicant

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