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Investing in a community

By choosing to teach in a small town, you have the unique ability to connect and build with the people in those communities.

Why get involved in rural education?

When you choose to teach in Colorado's rural districts, you become an invaluable resource to those around you.

Join like-minded educators in the Rural National Board

Colbi Ricci

"I want to do best for my students and for their families and our schools and communities, so I couldn't think of a better way to gain more knowledge than through this experience."—Colby Ricci, National Board Certified Teacher

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Off the Beaten Path

Start from right where you are and find a path to teaching that works for you.

Find the right school district for you!

Colorado Department of Education

According to the Colorado Department of Education, there are 146 rural and small rural school districts that are in constant need of teachers. The button below will take you to list of all the rural and small rural school districts in Colorado. You can also visit the Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium for more info on working in our state's rural communities.