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The PEBC Teacher Residency program prepares participants for an exceptional career as an early childhood, elementary, special education, or secondary teacher through a hands-on licensure program. As a PEBC Teacher Residency participant, you will be trained over the course of one year and supported by expert instructors and coaches who are committed to your success. Residency experiences are offered in public, private, and charter schools in rural, urban, and suburban schools across Colorado. We welcome culturally diverse candidates including multilingual learners.

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This is where I’m supposed to be. PEBC was a tremendous stepping stone. I needed them to be there. Their support hurtled me forward a little faster, and really helped me leap into teaching, a career I love.

Brenden Harrison


Licensure/Alternative Licensure only

PEBC's Teacher Residency

  • 12 months

    Program Duration

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PEBC believes the classroom is the best place for teachers to develop the skills they need. We offer four, differentiated pathways toward earning professional teacher licensure. In each pathway, participants receive unparalleled support from mentor teachers, PEBC coaches and instructors as well as through membership in learning cohorts.

Traditional Residency Pathway 

No prior experience working with youth required. PEBC intentionally matches each Traditional Residency Candidate with a mentor teacher in their content area. The Resident learns alongside their mentor teacher for an entire academic year, gradually taking on more lead teaching responsibility as the year progresses. Traditional Residents receive a scholarship that includes a cash payout during their residency year. 93% of Teacher Residents successfully find employment as a lead teacher the year after residency, often in their placement district.

Teacher of Record Pathway 

The Teacher of Record Pathway is a great fit for licensure candidates who have some prior experience working with youth. This pathway allows a candidate to seek out employment as a lead teacher and then once hired, work with PEBC to transition an Alternative Teaching License to an Initial Professional License through CDE-approved coaching and coursework. While not teaching in a mentor’s classroom, PEBC works with the hiring school to identify a building-level mentor for each Teacher of Record, and PEBC Teachers of Record receive constant support from PEBC coaches. Teachers of Record are paid employees of the schools or districts they are hired in and pay PEBC a monthly program fee.

Special Education Pathway 

Our Special Education Pathway is a two-year program where participants work alongside a mentor in a general education classroom in year one. In year two, participants transition to a Special Education classroom and are hired and salaried by the school district. By the end of the program, you will earn 2 teaching licenses!

Pre-Bachelors Pathway

This pathway is for anyone who has not completed a Bachelor’s degree and would like to go into teaching in Colorado. Students with previous college experience will get support in transferring as many credits as possible to an AdvanceEDU university collaborator. AdvanceEDU will also support students in preparing for a preferential admissions process into one of PEBC’s teacher preparation programs: The Traditional Residency or the Teacher of Record Program.

Upcoming Deadlines

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  • Jun. 30, 2024

  • Dec. 01, 2024

  • Mar. 01, 2025


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Ways to Lower Your Costs

Students at Public Education & Business Coalition have reduced the cost of their program using these methods. Check with Public Education & Business Coalition to see if you can, too!


Grants, Stipends, Scholarships

Traditional Residency Pathway 

Program fees waived upon enrollment

Each resident receives a cash payout of between $10,000 - $54,500 based on various incentives, grants and income eligibility 

Teacher of Record Pathway 

Teachers of Record are paid through their hiring school or district. 

Teachers of Record pay PEBC a program fee broken into monthly installments throughout the program. 

Many Teachers of Record will be eligible for the Educator Recruitment and Retention Program and will not owe PEBC any out of pocket costs. 


Licensure Areas

Agriculture & Renewable Natural Resources Secondary Education (7-12)
Business Education (7-12)
Computer Science (K-12)
Dance (K-12)
Early Childhood Education (Birth-8)
Elementary Education (K-6)
English Language Arts (7-12)
Family & Consumer Sciences (7-12)
Health (K-12)
Industrial Technology Education (7-12)
Mathematics (6-12)
Mathematics Middle School (6-8)
Music (K-12)
Physical Education (K-12)
Science (7-12)
Social Studies (7-12)
Special Education (K-12)
Visual Arts (K-12)
World Languages (K-12)

Program Semesters/Steps Overview

Program Hallmarks


  • Male

  • Female



  • American Indian or Alaskan Native

  • Asian

  • Black

  • Hispanic/Latino

  • Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander

  • White

  • Two or more races








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