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Calling All Future Teachers

Colorado high schools are filled with future teachers who will shape the future of our state. If you’re a high school student considering teaching, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

The Teacher Recruitment Education and Preparation Program (TREP) will allow you to start taking college courses while you’re still in high school. After graduating, you’ll be able to continue taking courses for two years, tuition-free. 

Not only can this program save you tons of money, but you’ll be able to fast-track your teaching license and a bachelor’s degree (oftentimes without spending an entire four years in college). Read below to find out more about the TREP, and determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Are you a high-school student interested in TREP?
Male teacher with male grade school students
  • If you are interested in participating in TREP, simply let your counselor know. They'll help you take the next step!
  • Want more information about TREP? Talk to one of our coaches for tailored advice and resources here
  • Are you worried about finances? TEACH Colorado has you covered! With our $100 application fee reimbursement, $1,000 scholarship opportunities, and our Financial Aid explorer, there are plenty of ways here to finance your path to teacher licensure. 
  • Want to try teaching before applying to the TREP program? Consider the volunteer and part-time opportunities here!
Interested in nominating a student for TREP?
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Potential TREP students can be nominated by district representatives and advisors.

  • Please submit a student nomination form here. These future teachers will one day be able to return to your district and teach, strengthening your teacher pipeline!
  • Check out our toolkit for high-school and college counselors here, which includes information on the TREP program and more!
  • For more information, please review the FAQs here and a recording of a TREP information session here.

More Details About TREP