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Launch Your Career at Community College

The Colorado Community College System can help you start your educator journey.

Launch Your Career at Community College

The Colorado Community College System can help you start your educator journey.

Teaching careers can start at community college.

Community colleges open doors for future teachers. Community college education can be a pathway unto itself, or a building block to a bachelor’s degree.

With Colorado Community Colleges, you can work toward an associate’s degree, which offers courses you’ll need to transfer to a college or university teacher preparation and licensure. You can learn more about the agreements between Colorado Community Colleges and partner institutions here.

If you have career experience in a specialized field, such as hospitality, agriculture or a skilled trade, you can pursue your Career & Technical Education authorization. This lets you teach high-need, specialty subjects without a traditional bachelor's degree.

The Colorado Community College System also offers future teachers an early childhood education certificate, allowing you to teach young children in a community setting.


Why community college?

Colorado’s community colleges offer convenient, affordable options to launch your teaching career.

Many community college students have part-time or full-time jobs, as well as family responsibilities.

Colorado Community Colleges offer flexible class schedules, with daytime, evening or weekend class options. Colleges often offer multiple sections of the same class, so you can find a class time that works for you. 

  • Courses that fit your schedule

  • Lower living costs

"I saved money by attending community college first. I have been able to pay for most of my education through financial aid and work-study, and I am grateful for that. I am also glad I could take courses I need at a four-year university, for a fraction of the price."

Berenice Gonzalez, Colorado Community College Student

Explore options in Colorado

Discover future possibilities, both with and without a bachelor’s degree.

If you want to earn a bachelor’s degree (or higher) and a Colorado teaching license, the Bridge to Bachelor’s program is a great place to start.

Bridge to Bachelor’s is a program for new, first-time college students attending any school in the Colorado Community College System. This program guarantees admission to a participating college or university when you complete your associate’s degree.

Any Associate of Art or Associate of Science degree program is eligible.

To learn more, visit the Bridge to Bachelor’s page, and check out our tips for transferring (see below).


  • Bridge to Bachelor's

  • Career and Technical Education Authorization

  • Early Childhood Education Certificate

"Community college has allowed me to have smaller classroom sizes and better conversations with my professors and classmates. Community college has also shown me that becoming a teacher opens endless possibilities."

Maya Barboa-Ojinaga, Colorado Community College Student

Bridge to Bachelor's: What to know about transferring

If you pursue the Bridge to Bachelor’s pathway, you can start planning your transfer ahead of time. Keep these tips in mind for a smooth transition.
  • Finish your associate degree.

  • Explore your options.

  • Plan your applications.

  • Check on your credit transfer.

  • Apply for financial aid.

  • Attend transfer student orientation.

"Community college has helped me get closer to my goal of becoming an educator. The courses have given me necessary skills and knowledge that will help me along the way."

Danielle Irwin, Colorado Community College Student

Get hands-on experience.

Check out these opportunities to experience life as a teacher, gain practical skills and even earn college credit.

Teacher Cadet

If you’re a high school student, you can start your path to teaching right now! The Teacher Cadet program lets you explore teaching while you earn college credit (some districts also offer high school English credit). 

In this six-week mini internship, you’ll get to see day-to-day life as a teacher and learn about current issues in education. You’ll study teaching strategies, shadow an experienced teacher and explore big ideas in education, both past and present. 

If you're interested in becoming a teacher, or just want to know more about ideas in education, check out the Teacher Cadet program here.

  • For high school students

  • For high school and college students