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The Academy of Charter Schools

A long-standing and thriving charter school, The Academy consistently ranks as a "performance" school.

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Meet Tammy Hahs

Teacher Ambassador

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Being part of The Charter School Institute means I have a voice. Teachers have a voice. Our school has a voice. Being at a charter school and part of CSI means that we have the autonomy to initiate change and we can do what's best for kids.


  • Kindergarten Teacher



    • Fox 31 Gold Star Teacher
    • Team Lead
    • RtI Lead
    • Data Coach
    • Family Learning Team Leader
    • Leader in Me Lighthouse Team
    • Mentor Teacher
    • Cooperating teacher for eight student teachers

    Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    Teaching is who I am. It is part of my identity because I know that my students won’t forget me. We get to learn, laugh, and work in the environment I choose to create. Every day I am given the opportunity to inspire my students, coworkers, and school community and it’s an honor I take seriously every day. While teaching presents new challenges every day, my goal is to be a light for other educators, to lift their spirits, encourage them, celebrate them and help them to remember that teaching is truly the best job in the world. I believe that change starts with me and I strive to be a role model for others to follow. My time with the students is the best part of the job. My driving thought is that, if someone looks in the window, if we aren’t smiling or laughing, I’m not doing it right. Every day I thank my lucky stars that I decided to become an educator.

    Not yet a licensed teacher? Don't worry! You can still apply for a teaching position today. Learn more about Colorado's alternative licensure pathway here.

    The Academy of Charter Schools by the numbers

    • 100

      Dedicated Teachers

    • 1,848

      Engaged Learners

    • $40,000

      New Teacher Starting Salary

    About The Academy of Charter Schools

    • About

      The Academy is a long-standing and thriving charter school in a northern suburb of the Denver metro. With a college-prep mission, extremely supportive families, great students and a family-like feel, it's a great place to work and to learn. In fact, the majority of staff members have their own children here! Serving just over 1,800 students K-12 with two campuses, The Academy consistently ranks as a "performance" school and continues to innovate and improve our programs, academics, athletics and facilities.

    • Teaching in The Academy of Charter Schools

      New teachers to The Academy receive intense support and ongoing professional development through a two-year induction program that includes weekly mentor meetings, bi-weekly induction classes, weekly observation, coaching meeting cycles and weekly grade level team/department meetings. Every Tuesday, teachers engage in professional development workshops to increase their instructional skills, with many opportunities to take on leadership roles after the second or third year in the classroom. With a balance of strong structures and an encouragement of innovation and risk, a teacher who loves to be creative and take initiative is a great fit.

    • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

      The Academy's current starting salary is $40,000, with a plan to increase that base pay aggressively over the next two to three years up to $45,000, which aligns to or exceeds nearly all local school districts. Additionally, we pay 100% of an individual's benefit package which includes medical, dental, eye, life insurance and short-term disability, keeping our salary and benefit package extremely competitive.

    • For Students

      As one of our course selections, we run a Teacher Cadet program, allowing students to help instruct one period a day in one of the lower grades.

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