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Campo School District RE-6

Campo School District RE-6 is a rural school located in the tiny little town of Campo, Colo.

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Meet Kim Jenkins

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Campo School District RE-6 is located in the southeastern part of Colorado. The school has provided each student with access to personal tablet devices. The school system is comprised of 42 students, 9 highly qualified teachers and 7 staff members. A day care program is provided for the children of employees and community members. The school is led by a five-member board of education, superintendent & principal. The school’s motto reflects its belief that “only my best is good enough.”


  • District Principal
  • 6th-8th Grade Life Skills Teacher



      • Oklahoma Association of Vocational Home Economics Teachers Helen Jensen Award—1990
      • Oklahoma Vocational Association Teacher of the Year (Home Economics)—1995
      • Oklahoma Vocational Home Economics Curriculum Showcase Award—3 years
      • Who’s Who Among American Teachers—1996, 1998
      • Oklahoma Future Homemakers of America Master Adviser—1988
      • Oklahoma Future Homemakers of America Advisor Mentor—1993
      • National Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Spirit of Advising (Oklahoma)—2000
      • Who’s Who Among Students in America’s Colleges & Universities (Southwestern Oklahoma State University)—2003-2004
      • Oklahoma Association of Secondary School Principals District 1 Principal of the Year—2009

      Teacher Certification Program

        Why I Teach

        As a classroom teacher, I have worked with more than a thousand students. My ultimate goal during my teaching career has been to serve as a positive role model for the students and to provide life-long learning skills. My motivation comes from a personal goal to help students gain universal skills for inside and outside the classroom. I must lead my students into the future by providing them confidence with an awareness of the careers and technology that are continuously developing and changing in the 21st century. I am rewarded by seeing the sparkle in a child’s eyes or a smile on their face and I am inspired to enter the doors of the school and the classroom day after day. Because you never get a second chance at a first impression, I make sure that I am ready, every day, for the students to enter my class.

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        Campo School District RE-6 by the numbers

        • 10

          Dedicated Teachers

        • 57

          Engaged Learners

        • $25,500

          New Teacher Starting Salary

        About Campo School District RE-6

        • About

          Campo School District RE-6 is a rural school located in the tiny little town of Campo, Colo. Campo is tucked into the southeast corner of the state, just nine miles from Oklahoma and about 30 miles from Kansas. We currently have 42 students enrolled in pre-school to eleventh grade. (We have no seniors this school year).

          The extremely rural location provides challenges to the students and staff as they participate in the work of education in the academic classrooms. However, through the use of grant money, the school has provided each student in grades 6-12 with access to a Chromebook. Elementary students in PK-5 have access to iPads for additional instruction and supplemental use in the classrooms.

          The school system is comprised of approximately nine highly qualified classroom teachers and seven staff members, including paraprofessionals, cooks, secretaries, bus drivers and maintenance custodians. A day care program is also provided as a service for the children of employees and community members. The school is led by a five-member board of education, as well as a superintendent and a principal.

        • Teaching in Campo School District RE-6

          We have always prided ourselves on the idea of being a "unified"  team in our work together as educators and staff.  Through the use of technology, field trips, and a variety of teaching methods, the students of the Campo School District RE-6 are afforded with the opportunity to participate in an outstanding learning environment.  The “small school” setting provides students with a low student-teacher ratio and so many other opportunities that are not possible with large school enrollments.  The school utilizes a motto of “Only My Best is Good Enough” as students and staff complete the work established by the Colorado Department of Education in the areas of the Colorado Academic Standards, educator effectiveness, and assessments.   All staff members are included in the team analogy as we each work daily to "Create Champions in Campo".

        • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

          Starting salary is $25,500 with experience being considered as additional salary.  Additional benefits include the payment of health insurance and life insurance. Affordable housing is also an additional benefit for the employees.  The school board also considers winter and summer bonuses for teachers, depending on availability of resources.  Pay increases are decided by $500 steps each year.  The benefits of working with small classes are another bonus to being employed in this school setting.  Professional development involvement is provided by the school as needed by staff members.

        • For Students

          Course offerings for junior high and high school students have and/or currently include Algebra I & II, Art, Band, Biology I, Chemistry I, Civics, Web Design, Yearbook, ArtEarth Science, and English I, II, II, IV.  Other courses include Family and Consumer Sciences, Financial Literacy, Geography, Geometry, Government, Health Sciences, Journalism, Physical Education, Physics, Service Learning, Shop, US History, and World History.  Distance Learning provides an opportunity for Concurrent College Enrollment.  With this enrollment opportunity, students may begin during the freshman year of high school to earn college credit.  Through the courses available, students may earn an associate’s degree at the same time that graduation occurs from high school.  25 credits are required for a diploma from Campo High School.  

          Campo School belongs to the South Baca Patriots Co-op which is comprised of athletes from two nearby communities—Pritchett and Vilas.  This arrangement affords students from the three schools to compete in the athletic events of football, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and track.  These sports are open to junior high and high school students.  The co-op is led by the school boards of each of the three schools, the administration and athletic director of each school, as well as an Administrator of Record for the co-op.  Practices are rotated between the three schools and the “home” games are shared among the three schools.

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