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Colorado Charter School Institute

CSI is committed to innovative educational designs to meet the needs of all students.

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Meet Lauren Martinez

Teacher Ambassador

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Teaching at Mountain Song and as part of the Charter School Institute has been a rewarding experience. Charter schools offer a community that includes students, families, educators, support staff members and administrators all working toward similar ideals in education. There is more freedom to approach education differently, depending on the population that you serve and the focus of each individual school, while still being held to the same standards of performance that traditional public schools are held to.




        Teacher Certification Program

          Why I Teach

          I teach because I am passionate about the students I work with. My goal as a teacher is to provide a safe place where all students feel accepted, cared for, supported and challenged to grow in all areas. As a special education teacher, the social/emotional well being of my students is just as important as their academic growth. I do this by focusing on relationships, utilizing multi-sensory approaches to individualized instruction and implementing research-based strategies to support students in their classrooms. I chose the charter school that I currently work in because of its holistic approach to education.

          Mountain Song's mission is to nurture the body, mind and heart of each student. It takes a team to implement that mission statement at Mountain Song, and I am thankful to work with an amazing team of professionals. These colleagues also inspire me to keep going day to day. Teaching requires dedication, organization, flexibility, love, patience and a willingness to continue learning and growing as a professional. I am constantly learning something new from the families and students I work with, and I find it so rewarding to watch these students find success at Mountain Song. I am part of a community that cares about children and wants to see them succeed...that is what teaching is all about!

          Not yet a licensed teacher? Don't worry! You can still apply for a teaching position today. Learn more about Colorado's alternative licensure pathway here.

          Colorado Charter School Institute by the numbers

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            Dedicated Teachers

          • 18,268

            Engaged Learners

          About Colorado Charter School Institute

          • About

            The Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI) is a statewide charter school authorizer committed to fostering a portfolio of high-quality school options that use innovative educational designs to meet the needs of all students, particularly those working to close the opportunity gap.

            CSI oversees 40 public charter schools across Colorado, serving more than 18,000 PK-12 students. Our schools are located in 19 towns and cities, and six rural locations from Durango to Steamboat Springs and Fruita to Colorado Springs.

            CSI schools offer fifteen unique educational models—including Early College, Alternative Education Campus, Waldorf,
            Classical and Montessori. CSI’s service to minority students, English Learners, students eligible for free and reduced-price lunch, and students who qualify for a 504 plan remains consistent and reflective of the state average. Service to students who qualify for special education continues to trend upward.

            View a list of CSI schools here.

          • Teaching in Colorado Charter School Institute

            CSI offers its schools the flexibility to choose which educational models and methods best meet the unique needs of their students and communities. Accordingly, each CSI school determines the criteria it uses to hire educators who will be most effective in forwarding the school’s unique mission and instructional model. 

            CSI schools seek to attract teachers from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those holding a Colorado license, out-of-state teachers, individuals with several years of successful teaching experience in a setting not requiring a license and professionals making a career change.

            Benefits of working in CSI charter public schools:

            • Small class sizes—CSI’s average student teacher ratio is 19 to 1
            • Increased commitment from parents and students—they've made a choice to be here
            • Employees throughout the organization work together on a common vision for student success
            • Classroom autonomy and greater flexibility to meet student needs
            • A family-like atmosphere with connections to the community

            Learn more about opportunities at CSI schools here

          • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

            Our schools strive to offer comprehensive salary and benefits packages that are competitive with other schools in the geographic region. CSI schools are proud of the work their teachers do in their communities and pay them accordingly for their talent and expertise.

          • For Students

            CSI high schools may offer career and college readiness opportunities, including concurrent enrollment, career and technical education, and internship experiences. At a charter public school, students develop close relationships with teachers and administrators and have the opportunity to advocate for programming related to a profession in education. 

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