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Pinnacle Charter School

The Pinnacle is a tuition-free school that offers both an in-person and online learning experience for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

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Meet Adrianne Falco

Teacher Ambassador

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As I enter my third year of teaching English Language Development at Pinnacle Charter Elementary School, I have come to value our school's commitment to building and fostering strong relationships with the community. We do this through various school sponsored events such as the Festival of Nations and Fun Fest. Free programs such as adult English classes which are offered to parents and community members also serve to strengthen the relationships between staff and families.




        Teacher Certification Program

          Why I Teach

          One of the main reasons why I teach is to make learning meaningful and develop intrinsically motivated, creative students who are passionate about learning. I strive to provide my students with a learning environment that allows them to meet their full potential while discovering their interests and passions. I also work hard to create an atmosphere where everyone's voice is heard, where students feel valued, safe and comfortable taking risks, and students are encouraged to share their ideas, interests and opinions.

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          Pinnacle Charter School by the numbers

          • 137

            Dedicated Teachers

          • 2,000

            Engaged Learners

          • $40,000

            New Teacher Starting Salary

          About Pinnacle Charter School

          • About

            The Pinnacle is a tuition-free choice school that offers both an in-person (Pinnacle Direct) and online (Pinnacle Connect) learning experience for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Our school provides an excellent community environment for students to learn, thrive and grow academically, socially and emotionally.  

            Pinnacle Direct offers:

            • Safe, In-Person Classes with Peers
            • Highly Qualified Educators Trained to Support Diverse Learning Needs
            • Academic & Social Interaction
            • Instruction Based on 21st Century Skills & Standards
            • Strong Community Environment for Students & Parents
            • Free Athletics & Activities for Students of All Ages
            • Community-Oriented Events & Activities for All Students & Families

            Pinnacle Connect offers:

            • Full Online Support from Certified Educators
            • Online Orientation & Tutorials for Parents
            • Progress Monitoring & Skill Mastery Communicated in Easy Dashboard
            • Over 700 Courses Providing a Diverse and Challenging Academic Experience
            • Daily Task Organization & Curriculum Guidance for Students & Parents
            • Student Involvement in the Pinnacle Community
            • Free Athletics, Extracurricular Activities & Community Events

            Pinnacle is a school that adamantly believes in its people and the community and supporting the school community to the fullest extent possible by upholding the mission of creating a safe, supportive K-12 school community, preparing students for college and career, and striving for excellence in everything we do.

          • Teaching in Pinnacle Charter School

            Working at The Pinnacle is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Pinnacle invests in, supports and grows its team members to help them achieve their professional goals. To do so, Pinnacle provides educators with graduate-level, college-accredited professional development courses three times each year at no cost to the employee.

            Pinnacle also provides a high-level, comprehensive induction program (including mentorship) for all teachers who are new to the school to ensure new Pinnacle teachers feel comfortable and well-equipped in their roles.

          • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

            Pinnacle follows a teacher salary schedule that is posted annually on the school website. The school's top priority is investing in its people; therefore, as funding permits, Pinnacle evaluates its salary schedule and looks to make increases as possible.

            Pinnacle believes strongly in taking care of its team members. Therefore, the school offers high-level medical, vision and dental plans to all full-time teachers and covers 100% of employee monthly premiums for these benefits. The school also offers additional voluntary benefits including long-term disability, short-term disability, various Aflac plans, flexible spending accounts, dependent care accounts and 403(b) plans.

          • For Students

            In addition to school counselors who provide career guidance, Pinnacle has a K-12 Career and College Coordinator who is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to learn more about and explore careers and post-secondary education. Throughout the year, the Coordinator hosts events, job shadows, career fairs, college fairs, etc. to support students in exploring future possibilities.

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