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Pinnacle Charter School

Pinnacle Charter School

The Pinnacle is a tuition-free school that offers both an in-person and online learning experience for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

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Meet Adrianne Falco

Teacher Ambassador

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As I enter my third year of teaching English Language Development at Pinnacle Charter Elementary School, I have come to value our school's commitment to building and fostering strong relationships with the community. We do this through various school sponsored events such as the Festival of Nations and Fun Fest. Free programs such as adult English classes which are offered to parents and community members also serve to strengthen the relationships between staff and families.

Adrianne Falco



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      Why I Teach

      One of the main reasons why I teach is to make learning meaningful and develop intrinsically motivated, creative students who are passionate about learning. I strive to provide my students with a learning environment that allows them to meet their full potential while discovering their interests and passions. I also work hard to create an atmosphere where everyone's voice is heard, where students feel valued, safe and comfortable taking risks, and students are encouraged to share their ideas, interests and opinions.

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