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Meet Autumn Rivera

Teacher Ambassador

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Roaring Fork School district is the best place to work. It is a science teacher's dream. Located in the Rocky Mountains surrounded by raging rivers, dense forests, tall mountains, and deep canyons, most science standards can be anchored in the phenomena around us.

In RFSD believe we all belong. Our student crew, staff crew and even district crew support and kindly push back where necessary. We all encourage each other to grow in order to increase the equity and rigor in our classrooms. In RFSD learning is an adventure.

Autumn Rivera


  • 6th Grade Science


  • Teacher of the Year, Students’ Choice 2010-2011
  • Middle School Science District Content Lead
  • Colorado Science Education Network Steering Committee
  • Colorado Science Conference Planning Committee Member
  • Colorado Association of Science Teachers Region 3 Board Member
  • Middle School Track Coach

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach


    I have wanted to be a teacher since I was very young. I would always find myself organizing games and group activities for my friends. As a teenager I enjoyed learning new things and sharing the information with the people around me. In college as I continued working with students, I realized my passion for teaching science.

    As a teacher I love watching my students develop a love of science. Having them ask questions, find answers, and celebrate learning new things, makes teaching rewarding. I enjoy challenging my students to think for themselves to make their own claims backed by accurate evidence. Dr. Kenneth Miller once said “the best time to teach science is right now. In an ever changing world, science keeps us on our toes.”

    There is always something new to learn. Helping students to understand the science skills to explore the world around them fills my soul. You can never get bored as a science teacher.


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