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The Villas School District located in remote Southeast Colorado serves approximately 80 full-time students and roughly half of thathrough our home-school options program in 2019/2020. Founded in 1929 by pioneer families who settled in the area, Villas School District has a long history of trying innovative approaches to engage, support and serve our students.

Our district meets each student where they are and helps provide a pathway to growth, and achievement in a family type atmosphere. It is our commitment to “educate all students in a caring, safe, and challenging environment, and to provide the opportunity for every student to reach their full academic potential and be productive members of society”. We take this commitment seriously and it is embedded in our mission statement. A significant portion of our students that are enrolled live out-of-district and around 80% qualify for free/reduced lunch.

We accept students who need a second chance. They may not have been successful at other districts due to minor situations; however, these students find that a smaller school with a family feel is just what they need for their personal and academic success. In addition to second-chance culture, we're committed to an academic methodology that aligns with career readiness of problem-solving skills through real-life project-based learning and technological skills.

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