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Two-Year Alternative Licensure Program
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The Two Year Alternative Licensure Program (2YALP) is a partnership between the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs-College of Education and Pikes Peak Board of Cooperative Educational Services. Teachers earn a 1st year salary while working in the classroom as the Teacher of Record while attending classes on Saturdays to fulfill the necessary requirements to earn their license. Instructors in this program include people currently working in public education, university staff, CDE experts, as well as other professionals working in the field of K-12 education. Because we offer a curriculum that is rich in literacy instruction, research-based classroom strategies, and educating the whole child, the 2YALP is known across the state as one of the most put-together alternative licensure programs available.

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  • Colorado Springs, CO
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This program has enabled me to pursue a lifelong goal of being an elementary school teacher because they acknowledged prior academic achievements combined with my work experience and provide a laser focused pathway to licensure that is sustainable and achievable, all while working full time.

Josephine Montoya

Two-Year Alternative Licensure Program
Licensure/Alternative Licensure only
UCCS/PPBOCES Two Year Alternative Licensure Program
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Licensure/Alternative Licensure only
UCCS/PPBOCES Two Year Alternative Licensure Program
  • 24 months
    Program Duration
  • In-person
    Program Format
  • Pre-Test Required
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Program Info

The Two-Year Alternative Licensure Program provides individuals who have already completed their bachelor’s degree a chance to pursue the dream of becoming an educator without the expense and time commitment of enrolling in a 4-year College. Our teachers earn a 1st year teacher’s salary while working full time in the classroom and attending seminars taught by seasoned public school educators on the weekends. The Two-Year Alternative Licensure provides all of the necessary tools to be successful in the classroom right from the start. 

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  • 24 months
    Program Duration
  • In-person
    Program Format
  • Pre-Test Required
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Tuition & Fees
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Cost Offsets
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Payroll Deductions

Certain Districts in the Pikes Peak area support payroll deduction. 

Licensure Area
Provides information on the types of credentials one can gain by becoming licensed to teach through this specific program of interest.
Business Education (7-12)
Dance (K-12)
Drama (K-12)
Elementary Education (K-6)
English Language Arts (7-12)
Family & Consumer Sciences (7-12)
Instructional Technology (K-12)
Mathematics (7-12)
Mathematics Middle School (6-8)
Music (K-12)
Physical Education (K-12)
Science (7-12)
Social Studies (7-12)
Special Education (K-12)
Technology Education (Industrial Arts) (7-12)
World Languages (K-12)

Program Semesters/Steps Overview

  • Semester I

    You will attend 10 seminars. These seminars lay the foundation for the future semesters. You will learn about setting up a successful classroom, behavior management, developing and executing lesson plans based upon Colorado Academic Standards, working with your school mentor, special education, and developing a strong literacy foundation with strategies to support content area reading and thinking. 

  • Semester II

    This semester consists of 7-8 seminars and begins in January. The major project for General Education teachers is a case study involving progress monitoring and data collection. This project calls for the teacher to collect background information regarding the student, including test scores, interviews with previous teachers and diagnostic testing.

  • Semester III

    The semester begins in May and ends during the second week of June. A reflective approach regarding the first year of teaching will be the underlying premise of this summer course. Seminar topics include advanced subjects in education theory and practice

  • Semester IV

    This semester consists of eight classes, which focus on the study of classroom strategies as they relate to the cognitive, social, and emotional make-up of the student. The major project for this semester is a teacher work sample, which is an action-research product demonstrating the teacher’s ability to plan, deliver, and assess a standards based instructional sequence, document student performance, and reflect upon the effects of instruction as related to student learning.

  • Semester V

    The purpose of this semester is to support 2YALP teachers as they review important teaching strategies and critical thinking skills. General Education Teachers develop an Electronic Professional Portfolio designed to display their work with students and their qualifications as professional educators. Special Education teachers prepare for an internship and continue their literacy study from the previous semester focusing on fluency, vocabulary, morphology, sentence grammar, and comprehension. 

  • Semester VI

    During the 35-hour internship, each teacher must complete the competencies that have been identified in coordination with the 2YALP teacher’s Field Coach. A Reflective Journal, with supporting documentation and data is submitted at the conclusion of the Internship.

Program Hallmarks

  • Hands-On Experience

    Our teachers are working in the classroom as the primary teacher of record, earning a living as a teacher, while attending classes.  We believe that on the job training is the most effective way to streamline the pathway to becoming an educator. 

  • Preparation for Diverse Populations

    Because we serve such a diverse population, we must ensure that our teachers are prepared to support all students with different racial, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. All of our teachers take seminars in Special Education and English Language Learners, and our Elementary and Secondary teachers attend the Educating Children of Color Summit at Colorado College. We also provide 90 hours of culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education that is embedded within our curriculum.

  • Mentoring & Coaching

    Future teachers receive support from both the program and the school in which they work. The program assigns a field coach who observes the new teacher and provides feedback during the first year and a half. All field coaches are retired educators with years of experience and substantial expertise. Additionally, the school assigns a building mentor, who is an educator with a professional license. You and your mentor will work closely together your first year of teaching to complete Mentor/Mentee checklists and to get you settled within your school.

  • Program Commitment to Improvement & Excellence

    The Two-Year Alternative Licensure Program is continuously gathering data from our teachers for program improvement.   Teachers fill out feedback surveys after each session for the Instructors.

Total Enrollment
Program Completers
Acceptance Rate
  • Male
  • Female
  • 34%
  • 66%
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Asian
  • Black
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander
  • White
  • Two or more races
  • 1%
  • 3%
  • 4%
  • 10%
  • 0%
  • 80%
  • 1%
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