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Bayfield School District

At Bayfield School District, we believe students are the most important part of our work and learning experiences are opportunities for innovation and productive growth.

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Meet Savannah Baird

Teacher Ambassador

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Bayfield School District is a small rural district that works closely with the community to ensure students are successful. The families and students form long-lasting relationships with the staff members. Our staff brings a variety of backgrounds which allows us to provide a diverse education. We are an inviting team that enjoys spending time together. We recently outfitted some school buildings with the latest technology that allows us to provide students with differentiated learning within the classroom.

Savannah Baird


  • 1st Grade Teacher


  • Fort Lewis College


  • School Leadership Team Member
  • Grade Level Team Leader

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    Bayfield School District by the numbers

    • 200

      Dedicated Teachers

    • 1,300

      Engaged Learners

    • $35,400

      New Teacher Starting Salary

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