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Meet Kris Hamilton

Teacher Ambassador

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Adams County ranks fifth among Colorado's largest counties. I have worked in the Adams 12 District since the fall of 2000. The district provides opportunities for continuing education that have helped me be a true lifelong learner. Adams 12 supports charters through their mentoring program. This lets our teachers access the same professional development opportunities and resources provided to all the other Adams 12 schools. I’m thankful to Adams 12 for their continued support.

Kris Hamilton


  • 1st and 2nd Grade Team Lead


  • Grade Level Team Leader
  • Mentor Teacher
  • Teacher Cadet Advisory Committee
  • PEBC Residency Mentor Program

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    As a child, school was difficult for me. I was taught that failing was never an option, let alone something to celebrate. I was never taught that struggle is part of the learning process, and that getting through struggle is what makes you successful. That is why I became a teacher. I try to shift the culture away from the idea that mistakes are shameful. I teach my students that it’s courageous to admit when something didn’t work out the way you hoped, and celebrate the bravery it took to try. That’s the school environment I wish I’d had as a child.

    One of my favorite parts of teaching is helping students learn about themselves. My goal for students is for them to learn to accept themselves for who they are, not only as learners, but as individuals. I want them to know that it’s okay to be different and stand out. Watching them push through tough moments and celebrating those successes with them makes all the difference! I work to give my students the tools to face adversity, whether they are being bullied, having difficulties at home, or are learning to regulate their emotions. I want them to see those adversities as opportunities to be the best person they can be. The little moments I share with students continue to drive me as a teacher, and I hope to never stop learning right along with them!

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